World leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. It unites over 340 partner enterprises in 70 countries of the world.

One of the largest chemical concerns in the world
More than 140 years of experience
on the market
Manufactures products for
all stages of metal processing
  • swabs for hot rolled profiles and pipes
  • lubricants for cold strain and upsetting of metal profiles and hardware
  • lubricants for casting, stamping and forging production
  • lubricants and equipment for wire drawing
  • cutting compound for cold rolled sheet production
  • cutting compound for general and special purposes
  • non-stick coatings in welding process
  • chemical technologies for the formation of a multilayer conversion lubricating coating in the processes of deep cold strain and upsetting
  • powdery and liquid
  • alkaline, neutral, acidic
  • for jet, sediment, ultrasonic and manual cleaning methods
  • organic and inorganic
  • water-soluble and solvent-based
  • degreasing enhancers
  • defoamers
  • pickling inhibitors and catalysts
  • foaming and wetting agents
  • low temperature steel pickling technology
  • compounds for pickling and clarification of non-ferrous metals
  • pickling technology for high-alloy and stainless steels
  • rust converters
  • rust inhibitors, organic and inorganic
  • surface passivators
  • systems for metal products preservation and depreservation for the transportation period
  • rust prevention paints, varnishes and conversion coatings
  • iron phosphating and zinc phosphating
  • chromate treatment (steel immunization, yellow and green chromate treatment of non-ferrous metals)
  • nanoceramic conversion
  • aluminum anodizing
  • paintwork materials for special purposes: for water supply systems, high-strength, protective, chemical attack resistant and UV
  • removing old paintwork makeups

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Our suppliers — leading companies whose products comply with all technical standards of the European Union.


The Silta group of companies has been operating since 1996 and, in addition to the main line of business, includes 4 subsidiaries for the distribution and production of paints and varnishes and finishing materials.


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