henkelHenkel Group operates in international markets in the field of applied chemistry, it represents more than 340 partner companies in over 70 countries.

Headquartered Henkel KGaA in Düsseldorf. The total number of staff employed in the Group of 56 600 employees (31 December 1998), of which 40 800 people working abroad. In Germany in the Group employed 15,800 staff, of which about 8,500 people work at the largest industrial enterprise group in Düsseldorf-Holthauzene. Henkel Group is one of the most internationally structured companies in Germany.

Henkel holds a leading position in many markets and many types of products. The firm HST is part of the world's largest chemical company Henkel as a separate entity and is the recognized world leader in the field of process chemical treatment of metal surfaces.

Henkel Group was founded in 1876 and includes more than 340 companies in more than 70 countries. Including two Ukrainian companies: Factory building adhesives Ceresit near Kiev and Persil washing powder factory near Uzhgorod.

Henkel Group produces over 10 thousand items. The range is divided into 6 types:
  • Chemical products (oleochemical, organic and inorganic special chemistry);
  • surface treatment technology;
  • Adhesives (construction, domestic, professional);
  • cosmetics;
  • Washing and cleaning agents;
  • Hygiene products.
By investing HST, you become a customer HST, which means that in addition to chemical materials you get a qualified service, which will include the following:

HST company takes full responsibility for the conformity of the quality of the treated aluminum surface of the most advanced world standards, and all the problems on the line, will be promptly addressed by experts HST;

if you have problems with the quality of the chemicals that you using, the firm HST guarantees their decision on their own account as well as the reimbursement of losses;

HST experts will regularly (1 time in 2-3 months) to visit your company and carry out appropriate control of process solutions and surface quality, and, if it is necessary, consult experts and employees of your company;

if required the samples treated at your company metal surfaces will be sent to the research laboratory of HST to Germany for quality control; negotiating these laboratories will be immediately sent to the address of the technical services of your company;

HST company shall immediately inform you about all the new features in the technological processes on aluminum surfaces that will appear on the world market.
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