You Are Welcome to Be Our Partner

The company "Silta-Color" now holds a strong position in Ukrainian market of paints, being one of the leaders in the industry. Our success is based on the current level of production and a wide range of quality products.

"Silta-Color" - a company with a solid background and is a guarantee of success in the future. We make decisions taking into account the long-term development prospects of the business, never focusing on short-term results. Our business strategy is focused on expanding the presence of enterprise in all major sectors of the rapidly growing market of paints and varnishes.

Today, our products are concerned the most diverse range of clients, from the largest monopolies to small repair shops and ordinary consumers. We are seeking to strengthen their position at the expense of meeting their needs for high quality products.

To work successfully in a highly competitive market paints us:
  • Interact with the world leaders in the manufacture of paints;
  • Expanding our network to implement;
  • Introduce new products;
  • Improving the quality of work standards.

Our needs

Due to the increase and optimization of assortment we are always looking for new suppliers of product groups. Therefore, dear partners, if you need us to deliver product group listed below, please contact us:
  • Industrial coatings for ship repair;
  • Industrial coatings for ship building;
  • Industrial coatings for oil and gas;
  • Industrial coatings for the automotive industry;
  • Railcar and car repairs;
  • electrophoresis PPG;
  • Pipe industry;
  • Coil Couting PPG.
The company "Silta-Color" is interested in active and productive dialogue with you. Your desire and our readiness to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.

We will consider your suggestions and answer questions.
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