Anest Iwata

anest 200ANEST IWATA - Corporation, is a leader in manufacturing of painting equipment. Company was founded in 1926.

Forces of ANEST IWATA engineers have created a unique spray technology LPH, which allows us to achieve coating of surfaces with a higher quality level.

Their status as a leader in the world ranking ANEST IWATA confirms offer of a wide product range, which has excellent characteristics in terms of technical and production.

IWATA spray guns are premium equipment. In each device, which is manufactured by a corporation incorporated high technology idea, along with a combination of innovative technology (as an example - Pre-atomization) and the Japanese work culture. This approach creates a number of benefits following equipment IWATA (including equipment for powder coating)
  • Availability of a high-transfer coefficient, which is confirmed by a British research center THATCHAM;
  • Excellent level of application due to the possibility of even and fine spray;
  • Compact and light weight in tandem with excellent ergonomics, which was achieved through ongoing research with all the requirements of painters;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Possibility to operate with high speed and efficiency.
Iwata - is spray gun that can be used in a variety of areas:
  • Auto repair and car production;
  • The application of a quality cover in the industry;
  • Painting of wooden, metal products;
  • The ability to spray glaze;
  • Painted glass and plastic, and many other areas where the products are presented to paint the highest demands.
One of the most popular devices is spray gun Iwata w400 - spray gun full-length type, fitted with a central tank and working on the basis of the spray system. This equipment is of high quality and can produce excellent results in the process of transferring paint materials, combined with a stable, broad torch. This model offers versatility that allows you to work with any material viscosity thick putty, liquid paint. Iwata airbrush is easy to use with any size painted details and is able to show excellent results where demand a high level of performance.

Gun w400 has the following advantages:

  • Low air consumption
  • Achieving high performances
  • Versatility of possible applications.
This model is a professional-grade equipment with the possibility of stable operation even during extended use.

Adherents of hardware product ANEST IWATA available range of products for the selection and purchase in many countries thanks to the developed sales network.
Iwata is proud of its trading network extending across the globe. In the United States, Japan and many countries in Asia and Europe are sales offices ANEST IWATA. Analysts of corporation does not cease to follow the development of the modern market, ranging from small businesses to large industrial corporations.

The company ANEST IWATA is a recognized worldwide leader in the production and sale of paint shops due to increased investment in research and application of advanced technologies.
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