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If your company is dealing with the production and deliveries of high-quality painting materials to Ukraine you are welcome to become our partner
If your company is produces or supplies to Ukraine high quality coatings - become our partner.

Long-term, strong relationships with partners - the foundation and success of any great company. We know that a guarantee of quality, constant innovation in production and professionalism - is the calling card of all our partners. For a long time our companies have developed strong partnerships with leading manufacturers of paints and chemicals for various industries. For our part, we continue the tradition of European quality in Ukraine, delivering products of various international manufacturers to our clients, providing them with individual attention and help to solve their production problems.
  • technology and materials chemical company Henkel (Germany) for the preparation of metal surfaces prior to the application of paints, circulating water treatment technology, technology of cold rolled metal;
  • products for industrial, construction, automotive, chemical processing and many other industries TM PPG (USA);
  • the scope of the spray gun Anest Iwata (Japan): car painting (production of cars and auto repair) - the application of basic and finishing materials, industrial application of high-quality coatings, and other areas of production.
Each addressed to us customer will serve the personal qualified manager. Our managers will provide you all the necessary information on the company's products will help to generate and optimize the order, based on customer requirements. The company has a discount system, which allows you to conveniently make a schedule of purchases. There are special discounts for large wholesale customers.

Call us - we are always happy to hear you, to consult in case of need and help to make the right choice.
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